Tom’s Vineyard

Tom and Carol Miller loved wine. Tom loved wine so much he became a wine sommelier and had a business in his retirement years leading tours to Europe visiting wineries and shipping many cases of “fruit preserves” (wine) back to their home in Maryland. I never had the chance to meet Tom, he left this world way too soon. Tom left behind an extraordinary wine collection, and apparently another surprise Jeff recently found on a recent trip to the farm.

Jeff was clearing some trees that had fallen in a recent storm on the farm and discovered some wild grapes growing in the area where Tom had planned to plant a vineyard one day. Interestingly, we had just decided to plant a vineyard on the farm after we clear years of overgrown trees and brush that swallowed up the dairy barns. I would like to think of this wild grape discovery a sign from Tom that planting a vineyard is exactly the right way to go.

Here we are in Northern Italy a couple of years ago, got lost driving around looking for our AirBNB Castle, and found ourselves in a vineyard dreaming of owning a vineyard one day.

The move back home is just a couple weeks away, we are so excited to get going on this new adventure!

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