The Old Barn Rebuild

The barn in the “before” state in late summer 2019.
We knew this old tobacco bar was in bad shape, but it was not until we were in the middle of the reconstruction we realized the vines that had grown into the wood were actually holding it up.
Extensive termite damage, vines, trees, and age had her very near collapse. Our historic barn expert, Jeff Thompson of Colonial Woodwrights, spent weeks in the freezing cold of December and January to bring her back to life.
As soon as Jeff was done with the rebuild, we had a termite guy come out and ensure we wouldn’t have any further damage by termites. Jeff will return in the spring when the wood dries out and treat the wood for long term protection. Look at that sliding door we added for the farm animals! Looking forward to warmer weather so we can get started on growing some pasture grass.

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