The B&B Beginning

We closed on the sale of “Aunt Joan’s House” in late December. With keys in hand, we started to figure out how to turn this gorgeous family home into a B&B with four guest rooms. We started with plants for the sun room and the pool table assembly. The pool table has an interesting history. During the Great Depression, Jeff’s grandmother bought this pool table from a pool hall in Baltimore. The base was covered in painted plywood, the Miller family played pool for generations. Jeff’s mom and dad had the table refurbished, and found that under the painted plywood was beautiful carved wood legs! The pool table sat in their home in South Carolina for many years, than most recently relocated to our place. The pool table installers put on a fresh new felt, got it perfectly level, and it’s ready for many more years of entertainment!

Some minor interior construction in the master suite, which will become Susannah’s Suite, will include a luxurious bridal dressing room and master bath. Aunt Joan had built this part of the house in 2010 and added several spacious closets, which we removed to make room for the new dressing room. An interior wall was added at the top of the spiral staircase, that creates an entrance to Susannah’s Suite and the Patuxent Suite. We are working with Chesapeake Staging and Design to create gorgeous guest rooms. More updates to come on the design part of this adventure!

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