Susannah is not alone

We knew Susannah (Bennett) Lowe’s gravestone was in the front yard of the B&B, she has been there since 1714. I had spent several months looking into the family history of Susannah (Bennett) Lowe and had connected the land records up to the present. The land has been in Jeff’s family since the early 1700’s. Incredible!

Curious about the house history and Susannah’s history, I called the St. Mary’s College archeology department and asked if they wouldn’t mind coming out to take a look. On a clear cold day in February, Professor Scott Strickland stopped by the house. He carefully looked at the bricks in the fireplace, determined they were hand made, and repaired at some point with machine made bricks. The official word on that was, “they are really old.” Scott said he needed to see some nails from the oldest part of the house to get a good guess on the age of the original home.

We took a walk outside to see Susannah’s gravestone. Scott used a soil probe and a tape measure and after a few minutes found what we thought was another grave stone exactly 7 feet to the south of Susannah. Then another, then another, and another… at least 4 or 5 additional grave stones only inches below the soil!

Since the discovery, I have made many calls to St. Mary’s County, the State of Maryland historical society, and University of MD archeology department to figure out what we do next to ensure these grave sites are preserved for the future and documented for descendents.

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