March Madness

It’s early March, and Construction in Susannah’s suite is in full swing. A bathroom renovation is underway, and we have plumbers and electricians coming and going all day. We need more people in the house, let’s add a professional wallpaper installer and a crew of landscapers!

Rory, from Shields Wallpaper, installing paper in the Crow’s Nest
Landsacaping crew arrived and spent a week transforming an already beautiful yard into a masterpiece! They turned the front slope of the yard into a bloom-all-season gorgeous garden. The landscape designer had worked previously with Joan and Andy (Jeff’s aunt and uncle, and previous owners). They had plans for the front slope drawn up, but never had the work done. We used those same plans, with a few modifications, and so happy with the results.
Fred Evans came by and helped us put some furniture together. Fred is family, and will be taking over the farm directly next to ours, SO EXCITED!!!
The Vineyard View Room is a favorite, love the wallpaper. Waiting for the rest of the furniture to arrive, and our amazing design team at Chesapeake Staging & Design will put together the final details.

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