Social Distancing, and Discing

Raymond discs the first field to prep the soil for planting rape seed (die nematodes!)

Late March brings us to a screeching halt, along with the rest of the world with a Pandemic. The 2019 Coronavirus has made its way to Maryland, and all non-essential businesses have closed. Social distancing is enforced, and everyone is on edge. It’s not too difficult to stay isolated on the farm, we feel very lucky in that way. Jeff is still on leave, and I am working long hours doing virus research via telework for Tulane University. The weather has been rainy, but we were lucky and had a sunny day this week and ventured outside to get some sun and watch Raymond Dixon disc our soon to be vineyard. The plan is to prepare the soil for planting a crop of rape seed, another name for canola flowers. Just after they bloom we will mulch and till that in to the soil which should kill off the nematodes. After the canola, we plant acres of grass. When the grass is established, we can finally put in the grape vines! Looking forward to sunny days ahead, and hopefully the end of this pandemic.

Jeff and Jimmy doing farm things
The cherry and pear trees in bloom
One of my favorite things about farm life, bonfires!

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