A Dixon Family Farm Wedding

Postponed from March, there was an opportunity between COVID surges to throw a wedding on the farm. Not just any wedding, but a Dixon Family wedding! It was our honor to provide the bride and groom a place to get ready, and take some beautiful photos before the ceremony.

A few photos of the beautiful bride Devon Dixon, and her groom Cody.

We were busy at the B&B flipping the rooms and missed the ceremony, but made it for the reception. Can you tell these three are family?

Jeff Miller, Jimmy Dixon & Raymond Dixon. Technically cousins, but more like brothers.

When we arrived in Maryland in October 2019, we didn’t know our extended family here well yet. Since then, we have been graciously folded into “Dixonland” as we call it. The warmest, most friendly, and kind people you have ever met. Jeff’s cousins, Jimmy & Raymond, are more like brothers now. This stretch of Patuxent River we live on was once a very large farm. As generations have passed, the farms have been divided, but the majority still remains in the Dixon family. Looking forward to the end of this social distancing period, there more Dixons to get to know better!

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