Peak Corgi

Last spring we lost our Collie, Buddy. He was everyone’s best friend, except people on bicycles. He did not enjoy bicycle riders.

This is Buddy, Ivan and Squid at the top of the stairs at our apartment in Germany. They were our “welcoming committee” and greeted us everyday just like this.

When we were settled in Maryland Buddy slowed way down. He napped about 23 out of 24 hours a day. He would go to work with Jeff on the farm, and nap on his big dog bed while Jeff did farm stuff and worked remotely on his laptop. One morning in April we woke up, and Buddy was on his dog bed breathing fast, whimpering. It appeared he may have had a stroke, and was confused, couldn’t see, and he didn’t recognize us. We rushed him to the emergency vet, and decided it was time to let him go after talking with the vet. Jeff was with him to say goodbye, it was so sad.

Several months later we learned about some Corgi puppies becoming available in late October. Our two little dogs needed some excitement in their lives, so we picked up a Corgi puppy and brought her home. We named her Henrietta, and call her “NO HENRI!”

Ivan and Squid begrudgingly let her snuggle

It’s taken a minute, but she has found her place in the pack and feeling quite at home now. Ivan and Squid are like two cranky old men yelling at the new kid to “GET OFF MY LAWN.” Henri likes to pull Squid’s plaid old man fleece cardigan over his head so he can’t see. It’s common to see Henri hanging off of Ivan’s upper lip fur. For now, the sofa is the safe zone, where the short legged Corgi can not yet reach.

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