Let’s get growing

After a long COVID winter lull, the temps are warming, the guests have returned to the B&B, we have flowers in the field, and our first two weddings are in the books.

Wine Grapes & Lavender

Grape Vines Arrived!

After two years of soil preparation, and lots of help from the Dixon brothers, the grapevines are tucked into the vineyard and starting to sprout their first leaves.

The first field of wine grapes totals about 500 grapevines, with two varieties. The red is Arandell, and the white is Chardonel. In about four years we should be seeing our first wine grapes!

Lovely Lavender

After nurturing 400 or so baby lavender plants in the greenhouse since January, they were big enough to plant in our test garden in the fields. Thankfully lavender prefers sandy soil, and sunshine, and we have plenty of that. Jeff’s 20 year old John Deere tractor blew a seal and has been held hostage at the local tractor mechanic for several weeks now… Thankfully Raymond prepped tilled and hilled the field to prepare for planting. We planted varieties that are supposed to withstand Maryland’s wild weather, we will see which ones do the best, then do a mass planting next spring. Although the plants are still small, there is a sweet heavenly scent when standing among the rows of tiny purple buds. So far we have planted: Phenomenal, Richard Grey, Gross Bleu, Grosso, and a variety of Provence.

Our first two weddings!

Brian and Alison

After months of planning, we hosted our first two weddings at Susannah’s Watch B&B. We could not have been ready without the help of the Dixon family. Raymond and Jimmy (Jeff’s amazing cousins down the road) showed up with pressure washers, tractors, and helping hands to make sure we were ready for weddings.

The first couple, Alison and Brian, took a giant leap and booked with us last year long before we were ready. When their big day arrived, the weather was beautiful, birds were singing during their ceremony, and all was perfect – until a very long black snake crawled out from under the siding on the Carriage House and crashed the reception. Thankfully, Brian made a photo opportunity out of the situation, and made some fun memories.

Brian and Amanda

This local couple also took a big leap of faith and booked with us long before we were ready. Brian and Amanda were so much fun to work with! Brian’s family arrived from out of town, and booked all of the rooms at Susannah’s Watch for the weekend. We enjoyed hosting the family, and providing the venue for their big day. Late April rains arrived moments after the afternoon ceremony took place, but everything went perfectly. I heard there was some dancing in the rain under the bistro lights later in the evening.

The Big Greenhouse

During the long, dark, COVID winter we had this great idea… let’s put up a really big greenhouse and grow flowers. I googled “how to be a flower farmer” ordered lots of cut flower seeds, and was anticipating the arrival of our greenhouse, and spring weather as if it were Christmas Morning. Germinating started in January, and quickly found out I ordered way too many varieties for my first year. Thankfully, our amazing friends Kim and Kevin flew from Colorado to help us get ready for spring! They worked hard, we had a blast, and they flew back home with sore muscles and itchy bug bites. THE BEST FRIENDS EVER.

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