About Us

The current care-takers and owners of the Dixon Family Farm and Susannah’s Watch B&B are Jeff and Claudinne Miller. Jeff’s mom’s maiden name was Dixon, and the house and farm have been in the family for generations.

Jeff and Claudinne were working and living in Europe when Jeff’s mother passed away just three years and one day after Jeff’s father suddenly passed away. The family home and farm were not doing well without proper care and maintenance, and things were breaking with only a couple of trips home every year.

In October 2019 it was time to move back to the States and dive head first into a new adventure; farming and inn-keeping. Jeff has a Ph.d, and 23 years in the USMC. In his current job he responds to international disasters for USAID/OFDA. Claudinne has some web and marketing skills… this should be easy, right? Follow our adventures on our Farm Blog.