Charcuterie Board

Susannah’s Watch offers a selection of cheeses from Spain, Wales, and England, and cured meats from Italy and Spain. Our carefully curated kit will give you a taste of the very best of Europe.

The Don Juan Don Wine goat cheese wedge is made from 100% pure, fresh goat milk and is soaked in red wine to add depth of flavor and create a gorgeous purple rind. This semi-soft cheese has a slightly acidic taste, yet a remarkably creamy, moist, and exceptionally rich mouthfeel. Next, Collier’s Powerful Welsh cheddar has an intensely tangy flavor that is toasty, nutty, and subtly sweet. This sharp cheddar has a firm, slightly crumbly texture. Finally, Tuxford and Tebbutt’s Blue Stilton. This fine cheese is robustly earthy with uniquely sparkling minerality that’s perfectly balanced out with slightly sweet, syrupy undertones. A thick, rough, biscuity rind protects the deeply creamy, crumbly, and almost spoonable honey-yellow paste with tunnels of blue veins streaked throughout.

From the legendary Emilia-Romagna region of Italy comes Fontana Ermes’s sliced prosciutto crudo. This cured ham boasts a complex, lightly sweet, and savory flavor, as well as a striking ruby-red color shot through with rich white marbling. Recla’s Speck Alto Adige is cured with salt and spices, cold-smoked over beech wood, then left to hang in the cool mountain air for 4 to 5 months. The result is a richly flavorful, smoky meat that imparts just a hint of juniper flavor and is streaked with savory, buttery fat! The rich jamon Serrano, or Serrano ham, is coated in salt for 2 weeks and left to age for a minimum of 13 months; during this curing period, cool mountain breezes caress the hams, which lose their fattiness and transform into a delightfully rich, flavorful cured meat. The end result is a cured ham that’s unlike any others, with a firm texture and a deep flavor that are unparalleled. The iconic Iberico Chorizo is made with the meat of Iberico hogs, a prized heritage breed that has been raised in Spain and Portugal for 10,000 years. The uniquely delicious meat is ground and mixed with a blend of traditional spices that prominently features paprika. Its smoky, piquant flavor and striking red-orange hue is delicious. Served with a selection of crisp crackers, slices of baguette, a selection of olives, almonds, fresh fruits, tart jams, other locally sourced condiments.

Please order at least two weeks before your arrival, or at the time of your B&B Booking.