Elopements & Microweddings

The year of 2020 will not soon be forgotten. Everyone has been impacted. Countless weddings have been cancelled and postponed. We planned on opening our new wedding venue in Spring 2020, but the pandemic has changed our plans too. Big weddings, and extensive guest lists are out this year. However — spontaneous, intimate and creative nuptials are still very doable.

Let’s Elope!

An elopement is traditionally thought of as running away to get married without telling friends or family. The definition has changed over time, and even more so in this time of a global pandemic. You can plan your elopement spontaneously, or a few months ahead. Attire can be more relaxed and personal. The ceremony can be creative. This day is about your commitment to each other, make the occasion what you want and focus on what’s most important.

Elopement Package Includes:

Bridal Bouquet & Groom’s Boutonniere
Indoor or Outdoor Ceremony
Petite Wedding Cake
Use of Venue for 2 Hours


Microweddings typically include a guest list of up to 20 guests—often immediate family and your closest of friends. Our version of a microwedding is a mashup of an elopement and a traditional wedding—and it might just be the perfect compromise. We offer an all inclusive package, with options for extras, so you can tailor your day for the perfect fit.

Microwedding Package Includes:

Bridal Bouquet & Groom’s Boutonniere
Bride’s Dressing Room
Groom’s Dressing Room
Hair Stylist
Makeup Artist
Day-of Event Coordinator
Petite Wedding Cake
Use of Venue for 5 Hours
Tables, Chairs, Linens
Up to 20 People


We have adapted elements of larger traditional weddings and turned them into “extras” to add-on to either an elopement or mircowedding package. We have partnered with several local, and very talented wedding professionals who will work with you to make your day unique and memorable. Our Wedding and Event Coordinator will work with you and the vendors on the extra options and pricing available.

Susannah’s Watch Bride’s Dressing Room. Flowers by The Art of Violets, Photo by Beth Graeme Photography.

Gunpowder Proofing Ceremony

According to Royal Navy lore, the concept of “proof” comes from sailors aboard Royal Navy ships who had the “Pusser” pour some rum on gunpowder to prove that the rum had not been watered down. If the wet gunpowder still ignited, it was “proof” the rum had not been altered, as this was part of a sailor’s daily wage. If the rum did not ignite, the Captain of the ship could be convicted of stealing from the King’s treasury. With this stiff a penalty, there was never a documented case of the rum being watered down. The crew still made the Pusser do this “proof” ceremony.

Your wedding ceremony and reception can be anything you want it to be. Add this fun tradition to your big day for a unique photo opportunity and treasured memories. Tobacco Barn Distillery will reenact this tradition at Susannah’s Watch, and guarantee the proofing will be a success. You will enjoy some of their USS Constellation Rum afterwards. Contact us for more details!

Overnight B&B Accommodations at Susannah’s Watch
Additional Flowers
Additional Photography
Additional Photo Shoot Locations (Pier, Tobacco Barn, Farm)
Additional 2 Hours at Venue
Catered Appetizers
Mobile Spray Tan Service
Whiskey Tasting
Pre-Ceremony Bourbon shots for Bridal Party
Pre-Ceremony Bourbon shots for Groom’s Party
Bourbon & Cigar Table for Reception
Champagne Toast

Bury the Bourbon Bottle Ceremony

It’s a long-standing Southern tradition – Bury a bottle of bourbon, upside down, about a month before your wedding at the location on your ceremony… thus “guaranteeing” perfect weather for your wedding day!

We use the local distillery – Tobacco Barn Distillery and their Bourbon for this tradition at Susannah’s Watch. We’ll show you the site and location to bury your Bourbon and then when you dig it up after the ceremony, you can share with your guests! It’s a fun tradition and plenty of options for photography for the “burying” and “digging up” events. Contact us for more details!